Take the tourism pledge and celebrate bike month!

It’s Tourism Week in Canada, and Bike Month starts soon! Have you taken the pledge to travel in your home country this year? Cycling tourism is a great way to keep that pledge and support local.

2021 Tourism Pledge

The tourism industry has been hit hard and will likely be the last to recover. The TIAC (Tourism Industry Association of Canada) has asked all Canadians to take the 2021 Tourism Pledge to travel in our home country this year.

We talked about the Safe Travels Stamp in our last newsletter, which lets visitors know your businesses follow approved health and safety precautions, but many people will still prefer outdoor activities. As Bike Month approaches, consider promoting bike routes and bike-friendly businesses in your communities.

Promote Bicycle Tourism

Bike Month is May 31-June 30, and many cities and regions have added recreational cycling routes to their maps. The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is one of several we’re highlighting on the latest update of the Burlington bike map (coming soon). Does that trail pass through your community? What about The Great Trail or The Greenbelt Route?

Bike Friendly Businesses

Maps of these cycling routes in your communities can also highlight which businesses welcome cyclists. Ontario By Bike shows businesses and attractions that offer secure bike parking and local cycling information, and have rest areas for cyclists. Make sure your bike-friendly business is on the map!

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