Why custom maps?

While digital maps can be great for navigating, maps often need to show a larger area for context. Our custom maps include only the details you want on your map and give you the big picture. By communicating in clear and simple terms we make the process easy.

Maps made easy with our proven 5-step process

Step 1: Consultation

We’ll talk about the scope of your map project and goals. By the end of the call we will give you a ballpark estimate on costs and delivery times.

Step 2: estimate

The estimate puts your goals and objectives into writing. It defines the project requirements, including the content, style, schedule, and costs more precisely.

Step 3: Research

We gather appropriate data sets and create the draft layout. Once approved, we edit the data set so that only relevant information is shown on your map.

Step 4: Production

The map is designed according to the requirements as outlined in the estimate. Revisions are made as needed, and final quality checks are completed.

Step 5: Delivery

The final product is delivered as a digital file according to your requirements.

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