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I want to learn about your business and your goals for this project. Once we know the purpose of the map I’ll ask you more detailed questions about the content and style you want. You can ask me any questions you have, and I’ll provide a ballpark estimate of the cost. If we decide to work together I’ll prepare an estimate and proposal at your request.

It depends on the map. A simple locator map with few details can take a few days. A very detailed map, such as a full street map or cycling map, can take 6-8 weeks. I will give you a timeline on our call.

I don’t offer set package pricing because every project is different. However, I can provide a ballpark estimate after your free 20-minute consultation, in which we’ll discuss your objectives, schedule, map content and style. Typically, most projects start at $1500; simple book maps can start at $400.

We use free open source data whenever possible. These can include OpenStreetMap data, which is crowd-sourced, or government OpenData. Both sources must be cited on the map to abide by copyright laws. A source for larger areas at the country or world level is Natural Earth. It’s built by many volunteers as a public domain data source.