Keep your cycling and wayfinding maps up-to-date

New city cycling map can take several months to complete, especially if your city has complex active transportation infrastructure. Now is the time to start.

If you already have interactive cycling maps, you can add those routes to a printed map. And if you already have a print map, those routes can be added to an interactive map.

Many cities – like Hamilton, Ontario – use both types of maps. Interactive maps help people navigate to their destinations with turn-by-turn directions, whereas print maps are wonderful tools to see overviews of paths and trails in your city. I also use them to navigate when cycling, because I can’t always see the screen on my phone in the bright light, but a print map is easy to see.

And some cities have wayfinding signs with city maps to help pedestrians and cyclists find their way.

Burlington cycling map wayfinding sign

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Need help with your map?

Check out the FAQ for more info. If you are ready to start your mapping project, contact me for a free consultation.

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