For those who love literary maps

Last winter I wrote about my favourite literary maps – must be something about winter that leads me to think about beautiful book maps. 🙂

Some interesting exhibits to check out

If you live anywhere near San Marino, California, there’s an exhibit called “Mapping Fiction“. It will show maps from Robert Louis Stevenson to Octavia Butler!

For those of us who can’t visit that exhibit in person, here are some online resources to check out – books about literary maps, interactive maps, or scanned print maps:

If you know about any great digital collections of literary maps, please let me know. i’d love to peruse and share them.

My current and recent book map projects

  • the Atlas of American History project will eventually have about 70 custom maps in the atlas, along with many historical maps
  • a map of a motorcycle tour through the southern U.S. states, which will be included in a book
  • maps for an upcoming trilogy of fantasy novels 
  • two upcoming memoirs to be published by the University of Manitoba Press

Are you a new author?

Here’s some information that will help you if you’re looking for maps for your books:

Free consultation

Contact me to talk about maps for your publications. We can talk about how maps will help readers understand the places mentioned in your books.

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