See how custom maps help our clients

In the fall newsletter I told you about some of my active projects and showed you some examples. Here are two of the finished maps, one a photo sent by my client to show how they’re using the maps I design!

Area map for e-bike rental business

Beach Vibe Rentals & Sales in Carlsbad, California, rents e-bikes and golf carts, and this map shows their customers areas where they can take those rentals.

Their customers would ask where they were allowed to take the rentals, so the shop owners put together screenshots from Google Maps and drew routes and areas on it. Customers would take photos of those marked up screenshots to keep with them as they explored the area. But Beach Vibe wanted to add value for their customers with a custom map, so I worked with them to design a map that fits with their brand and helps their customers.

Customers can scan the QR code on the poster map in the shop, and download the map to their phones using the Avenza Maps app. With GPS enabled, they can see where they are on this custom map.

They could use Google Maps, but it wouldn’t show the areas where the bikes and carts are permitted, and it wouldn’t highlight the landmarks and businesses Beach Vibe recommends.

poster map of ebike and golf cart rental areas in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Encinitas, California - poster on wall next to wooden carving

Delivery zone map for flower shop

This custom map for Three B’s Flowers in Stony Plain, Alberta, was designed to be a quick reference to see delivery zones and to fit in with the shop decor.

They had been using a free folding tourist map that had business advertisements and other information that they didn’t need. And they wanted a map to show delivery zones without having to mark up the area map they were using, so they decided to commission a custom map. We designed a map that shows only the information they need.

The image below is a low resolution image, but you can read more about this project and see more images in my recent blog post.

map of delivery zones for Stony Plain, Alberta, flower shop; shows all major streets, labelled, shows subdivisions in beige; delivery zones in shades of grey

When do you need a custom map?

The answer is that you might not need one! Perhaps you are using a Google Map print out, or a free tourist map of your area. If that meets your needs, that’s great!

But if, like with Three B’s Flowers and Beach Vibe Rentals & Sales, that map doesn’t have the information you need, or if it has too much other information that makes it difficult to use for your purposes, you can consider a custom map.


Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation to talk about your project. My business exists to make sure you get the map you need, whether or not I create it for you. So if I can’t help, I’ll point you in the right direction!

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