Time to plan spring updates to tourism maps

Does your city or region have a visitor guide to attract tourists and show residents what’s going on in your area?

Many municipalities and tourism marketing organizations update maps every year or two. If you want your maps ready for spring, now’s the time to start planning.

Some examples of tourism maps from last year: for a brochure, a tourism kiosk, and a wayfinding sign.

final draft of A3 landscape orientation map of Gibraltar Nature Reserve, with dark blue sea, Gibraltar land area in pale green, nature reserve in darker green, airport and ports in grey; ship symbol for cruise terminal, red squares for entrance points to Gibraltar and reserve; black bus symbol for coach parking; black taxi symbols for taxi stands; bright blue dolphin symbol for dolphin tours, purple taxi symbol for private tour pickup location, green bicycle for e-bikes; numbered parking locations; two legend boxes - one for general map symbols, one for experience pick up locations and cable car stations; in the reserve - yellow markers for attractions, brown Macaque symbol for pack locations, blue binocular symbol for viewpoints, symbols for public toilets
portage la prairie
map of Brantford river access points on the Grand River

I showed some examples of themed food and artisan tours in a previous blog post to give you some more ideas for using maps to market your businesses and communities.

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Need help with your map?

Check out the FAQ for more info. If you are ready to start your mapping project, contact me for a free consultation.

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