Bike Month starts May 30 – enjoy the summer on your bike!

Bike month is fast approaching! It start May 30 with “Ride a Bike Day” and runs to the end of June, with lots of events.

Pedal Poll

Get involved with a Canada-wide cyclist count during bike month! Pedal Poll and local organizers have volunteers stationed across the country to observe people on bikes passing by, and collecting data on who is biking and where. Cities can’t make decisions on building proper active transportation infrastructure without any data, so this is important.

Waterloo Region (where I live) is one of the focus communities this year. The Region and cities are building great multi-use paths connecting all parts of the city. There are still gaps, but that’s where Pedal Poll can provide important data.

Has your community signed up?

Check out events in the Greater Toronto Area and Guelph at, with a group commute, bike giveaway, and self-guided tours around Toronto’s trails and ravines.

Ontario By Bike

Check out all the events and tours at They have an interactive map, or you can download the 2022 Cycling in Ontario guide in English or French.

City cycling and park maps

If you visit city parks with your family or cycle around the city, consider adding your city’s maps to Avenza Maps. Take a look at my vendor page in Avenza Maps and you’ll see facility maps for the largest parks in Waterloo Region, and a new map showing breweries near Kitchener’s Iron Horse Trail (a major cycling and walking route through the city).

Map of breweries near Iron Horse Trail in Kitchener

Does your community need a new or updated cycling map?

It’s late to update your print maps for this summer, but if you have interactive maps, don’t forget to add your new infrastructure there! And I encourage you to adapt your maps for Avenza Maps, so people can use your custom maps with gps and even navigate offline.

Municipal mapping projects can take several months, so if you are thinking of updating your map, start planning this fall. And contact me if you have any questions about the process.

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