Tips and advice for authors

In case you missed it, here are some past newsletters with advice and tips for authors looking for maps.

Advice from our clients for new authors

Over the years I’ve worked with many authors and publishers – including travel and fiction writers, academic writers, and educational and magazine publishers. Some of my author clients work with traditional publishing companies and some self-publish, so i asked them for some advice to pass on to new authors.

Where to get maps for your books

Many authors who contact me aren’t sure what kind of map they want for their books. They may not know what’s involved with commissioning a custom map, so we have a consultation. If they don’t need a completely custom map, I recommend stock image sites.

What are different types of book maps?

You see maps in many books and magazines – whether novels or non-fiction, travel or history, even memoirs. Among the most common types I’ve collaborated on with clients are maps for education, maps to give geographic context to readers, and maps that help tell the story

Current book map projects

  • series of maps for a biography of U.S. General Waller by author Vernon Williams
  • route map in northern India for author Paul Ritchie
  • map of Mediterranean region for historical novel by author Kathleen Fraser
  • map of England circa 1800 for author Jon Mee

If you need a map for your book, magazine, or article, contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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