Two successful local & long-stay tourism campaigns

I’ve been following along with Destination Canada and TIAC newsletters to see how the tourism industry will bounce back from this long closure, and have read that tourism marketing organizations are planning to focus on day trips and local tourism, which is a wonderful idea.

This is the summer of local tourism

Many people aren’t aware of the wonderful destinations so close to home. This past weekend, inspired and encouraged by Stratford’s website with beautiful video and maps showing takeout locations, public washrooms, and picnic areas, I ventured afield for the first time since the pandemic started. The paths along the river made for some beautiful views.

Avon River in Stratford, Ontario

What about long-term stays?

Barbados is encouraging long-term stays with their 12-month welcome stamp. For people who work from home, there’s no reason home can’t be a tropical island. That message can work for any community! (Well, maybe not the tropical island part.)

Offline digital maps

Have you considered creating offline digital versions of your maps? I use those all the time when travelling – I can be offline but still use GPS to navigate. As examples, I have maps of city parks in Kitchener and Waterloo available on Avenza Maps. Other vendors may already have offline maps for your city, so download the app and try it out! 

The tourism industry is helping small businesses come through this challenging time – encouraging people to be tourists in their own backyards and support their communities. Maps help people explore and are an integral part of a tourism marketing campaign. I’d love the opportunity to talk with you about your ongoing marketing efforts.

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