Different kinds of real estate maps

When you think of real estate maps, you may think of developer maps showing new construction. These are typically shown on their websites as information tools for people interested in buying a home. They will show proposed streets and facilities and building type and location.

This year I created maps for a property management company showing their rental properties in Montreal. These are used in their printed marketing materials.

Here are some other types of maps used in the real estate industry.

Marketing maps for realtors

Last year I created a map for a local realtor to use in her social media marketing. She can show the whole city with all neighbourhoods labelled, or just a specific neighbourhood. It doesn’t have too many details, but shows major roads and location within the city.

Neighbourhood amenities maps

A developer in Houston wanted these maps showing nearby amenities, such as parks, shops, restaurants, and entertainment. These would be used in their printed and online marketing materials

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