Designing a City Map of Portage La Prairie

The City of Portage La Prairie had been getting comments that their existing maps in the visitor guide didn’t show all streets with labels, so the City decided to commission a new large custom tourism map. The map we designed is to be installed on tourism kiosks on Crescent Lake Island and at the Fort Lorraine Museum and tourism centre

It was important to show all streets and label all of them, as well as show parks, some attractions and facilities, and some large hotels.

Because the map was for outdoor installation, it needed to be clean and easy to read. They had been using a cartoony map and wanted a more traditional map style.

I used their brand colours and presented two style options:

They preferred the option on the right so I continued with that option. I offered a couple of choices for park colours:

After some minor tweaks to trail colour and label positions, the final map was ready. It’s scheduled to be installed on the kiosks in late summer 2023.

Portage La Prairie city map for tourism kiosks

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