Maps of rental properties for marketing

CAPREIT (Canadian Apartment Properties REIT) has properties all over Canada. Last year they approached me to create maps for some of their properties in Québec using their existing brand and style guide.

These maps show building footprints with CAPREIT’s properties highlighted, and nearby streets. They are simple maps designed to be used in their marketing materials, both printed and online.

They told me the coverage area for each map and I downloaded OpenStreetMap data for roads and building footprints. I joined road segments based on name and labelled features using the MAPublisher tagging tool.

Their brand guide included CMYK values for their brand colours, so I applied those to the downloaded features.

The buildings dataset has a field with address, so I used that to add the street number. Most of their maps are of very small areas so I could put the street number right on the building, as with this map for Domaine Lebourgneuf:

Map of CAPREIT rental properties in Domaine Lebourgneuf in Quebec City

This map for District Côte-des-Neiges in Montréal covered a larger area and there was no room to add the numbers on the buildings so I added a legend.

Map of CAPREIT rental properties in District Côte-des-Neiges in Montréal

The most recent project was for a development in Saint-Hyacinthe, to the east of Montréal. For this map we needed only rivers, highways, and labels for some nearby communities for context.

Map of CAPREIT development in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

I delivered these as layered PSD files so my clients could edit the labels as needed, for English and French versions, and as for the Le Jade map, removing some of the labels where not necessary.

You can see the maps for Le JadeDomaine Lebourgneuf, and District CDN on their website.

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